Interactive search snippets

This type of interactive snippets is useful for sites such as a booking or classifieds websites. Interactive snippets allow web users to start performing actions on the website right from Yandex search results.

See the preliminary version of the specification for details about other types of interactive snippets.

The interface designs and technical solutions below are only examples.

Example for

Try entering search queries about cars, for example, “new ford focus” or “certified mustang”.

Yandex will parse the search query, fill up the form with the most appropriate values and generate the corresponding link.

If the function for real-time interaction is enabled in the island, updated information from your site will appear below the form.

New Cars, Used Cars —

Use to search 2.6 million new & used car listings or get a dealer quote. Our easy-to-use online tools put you a step ahead in your next vehicle purchase.
New Cars, Used Cars —
Year 1952 2014

How to create an interactive snippet:

    — make a search form description for your site using our instructions;

    — upload it to the form editor;

    — check that the search form leads to the correct pages;

    — try searching for something to check that your search queries are parsed correctly.